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 IN THE DUNGEON…                                                                                                                  
Safe, Sane and Consensual are the “by-words”. Venus is a club that provides an environment where individuals and couples may explore,demonstrate and share their erotic natures. Safe play is expected. This is fantasy and role-playing. The submissive is always in ultimate control. Stop means Stop. No means No. Extreme play is discouraged. Heavy scenes require the permission of management. Management may interrupt or stop a scene at its discretion.
You may have a closed-door session where the individual or couple has the option of inviting others to join them. For the more exhibitionist, an open door session where all who pass by the dungeon door are witness to your play. Please note…Open door sessions can get distracting. Some people don’t recognize when they are interrupting a meaningful experience. Please keep voices low when you pass by the dungeon and a public scene is in progress. Loud voices, loud laughing, knocking or banging or trying to play with dungeon equipment when a scene is in progress, generates a negative environment for the subject. It also distracts the Dom who needs to concentrate on the responsiveness of the subject. Soft voices, murmuring, gentle laughter (there are often funny moments in a scene) are turn ons for the subject who has the exhibitionist nature. It lets them know they are being observed by a respectful audience that is sharing a unique experience with them.

Dungeon sessions will generally be limited to about 45 minutes

On nights when Dungeon Master hosts the dungeon, he is to be present in the dungeon for all scenes. Couples may direct their own play with or without the assistance of Dungeon Master. If you like, Doungeon Master will act as Dom for any member(s) (single or couple) and conduct the scene. FYI, for those in the group room,. the dungeon is always open to view. Dungeon toys may be checked out in the office. You may bring your own toys No smoking is allowed in the dungeon.                                                                                                                                                                                             

BD/SM Theatre:

If you have an interest in doing a scheduled, public scene on the main dance floor, with Dungeon Master or as a couple, please let us know. We are interested in developing a “leather, lace, spandex, patent leather, rubber, chains, rope” theme night and welcome the participation of the members in putting on a show. The Dungeon Master has been very impressed with the responsiveness of many dungeon explorers. Some very light scenes have produced some intensely erotic responses. Don’t be discouraged from participating in BD/SM Theatre because you feel like you don’t have enough experience or that you level of play is at the beginners stage.



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